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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cadbury Peppermint

It's the 4th day of official winter in Australia!
And I close this day by eating cadbury dairy milk PePPeRMiNT... yummy...
Isn't it a bit like eating-ice-cream-during-cool-days thing? :)
I like it though...

In these breezy days, I really desire to have more and more sweaters... (a girl can't have too much sweaters, rite?)
I found one that I really like in Giordano this afternoon, but too shame... no S size for me :(

By the way... all Giordano knits (both for girls & boys) are only $40.00 this week... :) - sounds like a fair deal... I tried to persuade my boyfriend into it (he really needs more sweater, at least in my opinion :p... but again, who doesn't?) coz I really like this bloke jacket that I think really looks nice on him... but he didn't buy it :(

Anyway, let's just welcome winter 2006...
(perhaps I'll post something more meaningful next time :P)


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