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Thursday, June 08, 2006

frequent career freakout

Have you ever had a 'freakout day' where you start to worry about every aspect of your life? I'm having it today, a specific freakout-of-my-career-life day. I was visiting my friends' blogs, and suddenly realized that everyone was soooo busy doing things in their lives. Some of them were busy preparing their IT portfolio by taking freelance jobs (in Indonesia, of course).
"OK", so I thought. "So everybody is sooo motivated they're on fire.... what about me?"
good question here...

So, I'm questioning my own life. What am I doing right now? Well, I have a non-IT-related job, an assignment, 3 exams, and other daily stuff. If I want to work in the middle of software developers next year, I'd better be prepared from now...
The problem is still going around the IT-related work experience thing.

In general, I feel like there's too little time, too much to do (who doesn't??! :p). Balancing life is tough, and needs creativity.... that's why it's called Art of Life :)


Well, at least there was also a sweet thing delivered to my residence today. I've got my very own litter of Guide Dogs :D
(more of this story next time...)

-good night folks, have a nice sleep :)-


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